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Publisher's Note

While in search of solutions to a problem which traversed successive administrative policy generations with no end in sight and or especially a problem that has grown up to the stature of a mighty tree in the forest, sometimes it takes the efforts of consultation beyond the town boarders to seek wisdom or counsel on how to cut down such tree. Truth is that the associated challenges or problems of fertilizer in Nigeria are this fortified colony. The tree has become so huge that its fruits also abide in smaller sizes of its kind fortifying the surrounding forests as a way of further bolstering its establishment, influence or intricate entrenchment. Again this metaphor today has expanded to other realities of this problem tree. Significant as it were, the standing tree is providing shield for a number of actors ironically with arch-saw or obligation to hew down the trees even as the fertilizer hedge plant continues in replication of itselves in operations and realities. Now the big question! Who shall cut these trees and yet would not destroy the economic trees in the forest? This is the dilemma of Nigeria fertilizer production, distribution and access. Such parable exists side by side in Nigeria with the need for improved ways and solutions of adding nutrients to Africa soils for enhancing farm yields, resolve challenges of food security, alleviate both hunger and poverty including leaving enough behind for the next generation of Africa children.

Fertiliser as a Problem of African Agriculture (April, 2016)

  • Edition: Vol. 7 No. 2, April - June 2016

    ISSN: 2141-8691

    Publisher: FIF

    President/ Editor-in-Chief: Prof. G.B. Ayoola

    Managing Editor: Segun Ayeoyenikan

    Editor: Lucky Otaru

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