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Publisher's Note

Certainly a large number of Nigerians know the Agricultural sector and more of them feel its impacts in practical terms-food provision. They may not know how oil economy help them live their daily lives, despite its prominence within government circles, and or the elite class .Although the Elite may be well familiar with Oil and what oil economy does with people in the cities, majority of farmers who feed Nigerians rather know fertilizer, they know when the critical Agro- inputs are available and apprehensions which follow when they are nowhere to be found.

Interrogating the Nig. Green Alternative Agric. Policy (Sept., 2016)

  • Edition: Vol. 7 No. 3, July - September, 2016

    ISSN: 2141-8691

    Publisher: FIF

    President/ Editor-in-Chief: Prof. G.B. Ayoola

    Managing Editor: Segun Ayeoyenikan

    Editor: Lucky Otaru

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