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Publisher's Note

To open up an economy literally means little more than attracting foreign investments or foreign assistance; the difference between the two being the inflow of private capital and public capital from abroad, respectively. The former - foreign investment - comprises foreign direct investment (FDI) and foreign portfolio investment (FPI); while the latter - foreign assistance - comprises official development assistance (ODA) and unofficial development assistance (UDA). Given that "there is no free launch" in all cases of foreign capital flow, the critical issue of capital toxicity looms larger on a country that opens its economy to their ceaseless inflow without restrictions.

Foreign Direct Investment in Nigeria (April, 2013)

  • Edition: Vol. 4 No. 2, April - June 2013

    ISSN: 2141-8691

    Publisher: FIF

    President/ Editor-in-Chief: Prof. G.B. Ayoola

    Managing Editor: Segun Ayeoyenikan

    Editor: Emmanuel G.C. Njemanze

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