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Who We Are

Farm and Infrastructure Foundation (FIF) is an organization for promoting policy best practices in agriculture and rural development. FIF is the final outcome protracted internal monologue and the high power of analytical thought of its founder, Professor G. B. Ayoola, following the several years of policy research on the agricultural economy. It was found that the successive failures of agricultural policies in Nigeria and other developing countries were as much due to an inadequate technology environment as also to an unfavourable policy environment. This has resulted in a communication gap between the policy actors on the demand side of policy marketplace (e.g. farmers, commodity traders, processors, farm input dealers, etc.) and the policy actors on the supply side of the policy marketplace (e.g. political authorities; policy makers; policy analysts; policy advocates; policy brokers; etc.).

Specifically, the critical gap analysis of the policy environment for agricultural development revealed the absence of an independent (non-government, non-partisan) intermediary corporate entity in the system for the provision of specialized professional services required by both sets of actors in the policy marketplace.  Thus the objective of FIF is to recreate the institutional and policy framework for agriculture and rural development, with a view to closing this gap and getting the policy environment right for the sustained growth of the sector. To this end, FIF identifies the critical issues involved and renders its professional services to resolve them sustainably. 

Our vision​

We envision a hunger-free nation wherein the citizens enjoy their fundamental right to food and agriculture plays its other endowed roles in the economy satisfactorily including income generation, livelihood improvements, among other roles.

Our Mission

To give farmers and other rural poor a voice and a vote in the policy process for food security, income generation and livelihood improvements.

Our Mandate

Partnering with political authorities, policy authorities and value chain actors for the good governance of food and agricultural sector, through:

  • Public-spirited policy advocacy i.e. influencing policy authorities to adopt the best policy practices

  • Knowledge-driven policy brokerage i.e. providing technical backup services for effective policy delivery

  • Evidence-based policy research i.e. Focused analysis of issues in the policy process.


Our core values

  • Policy responsibility

  • Policy accountability 

  • Policy transparency and 

  • Policy due process


the Board of Trustees 


  • Prof I. Onyido – Chairman

  • Prof G B Ayoola – Founder/President

  • Prof J. B. Ayoola – Co-Founder/Executive Secretary

  • Mr G. B. Adelabu – Member

  • Dr S. B. Daudu - Member

  • Mrs M. O. Adetunji - Member

Professor G.B. Ayoola (Founder and President)

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