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What We Do

We work with public policy authorities and rural communities to influence the policy process for agricultural development and to improve the livelihoods of the people, for them to live a better and dignified life.

Policy Influencing 

We take our message to those who have the power to make change happen in agriculture and rural development. To make change happen we influence those people with the power to act, and also bring our supporters and local communities together to encourage decision makers to make the necessary policies and implement them faithfully.

This is because changing the policies of governments and other powerful institutions is an effective way of reaching millions more people with more food, encouraging farmers and also rural dwellers and working hard to influence their decisions.

By bringing together as many voices as possible – supporters, local communities, civil society, business, service providers – we have a better chance of getting the change we want with our collective voice, thereby helping to keep the hunger crisis at the top of the agenda and at bay in Nigerian society. Alongside partners, we gather research and provide evidence of why agricultural policies are so important. We then present this information to decision-makers – locally, nationally and internationally – to make sure that our voices are heard loud and clear on behalf of the rural poor majority and people in protracted suffering.

Public talk on matters of food policy.

Improving rural livelihoods

We sometimes seek to intervene in rural life through financial support services and improved access to farm inputs and advisory support services, thereby helping to grow agriculture and agribusiness at small, medium and higher scales. Such intervention is akin to policy experimentation in the context of policy action research. 

Market women celebrating improved yam yield resulting from new policy changes.

Advancing public knowledge and providing information

We do a great deal of private and public speaking engagements, making presentations here and there to inform the general public about developments in the policy process for agricultural development. Specifically our goal is usually to illuminate the issues and improve public knowledge about policy process for food security and agricultural development.

Speaking engagements with the youths.

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