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Publisher's Note

In the month of May, 2020. Nigeria celebrates its own national rebirth, when the country transited from a protracted period of military rule to an enduring democracy; which event took place on May 29 1999 that granted us the freedom of participation in the policy process in all spheres of the economy. Accordingly, and capitalizing on this historic development, we took liberty of founding the Farm and Infrastructure Foundation, FIF in the same year 1999, as an all- purpose vehicle for promoting policy best practices in agriculture and rural development.

Ten Years of FIF's National Campaign On Right To Food In Nigeria (Jan-Mar 2020)

  • Edition: Vol. 10 No. 11, Jan. - March 2020

    ISSN: 2141-8691

    Publisher: FIF

    President/ Editor-in-Chief: Prof. G.B. Ayoola

    Managing Editor: Olatinji Olusegun

    Editor: Lucky Otaru

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